Anti-Morning People, Meet your New Best Friend

I am the anti-morning person. I am a firm believer that my bed somehow tightens its grasp on me as the night progresses, reaching its peak around 6:30 or 7 in the morning where not even the jaws of life can pull me from under my sheets. My subconscious enters a daily internal struggle between the productive me and the chronically tired me. More often than I care to admit, the sleepy version reigns triumphant and I devour the extra few minutes of sleep. On days where I have absolutely no choice but to put my feet on the ground before they are ready, I rely heavily on coffee. I have fully come to terms with my addiction and I feed it several times a day. I am my own enabler.

When I found out that there was a company based out of Kansas City that ships carefully curated local beans from roasters around the country right to your front door, I couldn't sign up fast enough. Now every month I receive bags of beans from two roasters located in that month's chosen city. When I met with Derek Kean, the owner and founder of BOXO, he brought me a curated box from my college town and I was immediately hooked.

Derek and I went for coffee (no surprise there!) in the River Market area at Quay Coffee and immediately got to chatting. He was living in Hong Kong when he started 88Beans as a way of getting great coffee for his customers and himself. BOXO was started stateside and has been growing ever since. To explain the concept of BOXO, I would like to reference a quote from their website that really captures the essence of company and the people who make it possible.

"The idea is simple: Each month we explore a new city and find the best local roasters. Next, we sample brews and interview their head roasters to find out which bean is knock-your-socks-off amazing. We order the winning bean and ship it to your doorstep (or office, friend’s house, mom’s basement, etc.) for you to enjoy! From the moment the beans pour from the roaster to the even better moment your coffee mug is steaming, takes us on average less than 7 days.

BOXO supports small businesses by partnering in a sustainable way with all roasters. Our goal is to provide a platform that helps everyone throughout the entire coffee ecosystem, from growers to roasters to ultimately you, the drinker."

I have been completely obsessed with the personal touches that scream Kansas City Kindness. Before my first box ever arrived at my door, there was a Kansas City postcard waiting in my mailbox from BOXO thanking me for my order (which is now hanging on my fridge). They include an exclusive print from Normal Human in every box. And they even celebrated the birth of Derek's daughter by breaking tradition and selecting a roaster from both his and his wife's hometowns. Since becoming a member, I have received boxes from Fayetteville, Atlanta, Lee's Summit, and Bozeman, Montana. It feels like I have a mini-vacation delivered to my doorstep every month.

The coffee is impressively fresh and the quality is always top-notch. As a subscription box and caffeine addict, BOXO is right up my alley, but knowing it is from Kansas City is the delicious icing on this coffee cake.