Night Out in Northtowne

As a Kansas City Native, I always referred to north of the river as "Up North" and south Kansas City as "Out South" and I rarely left my Brookside Bubble to visit either area - until now. Since moving back to KC as an adult and accepting a job that was headquartered Up North, the area has quickly won a place in my heart. Northtowne, specifically the area around Armour Road, has been booming in the last couple of years - or maybe that is just when I noticed! There are plenty of bars, breweries and even a distillery to keep you busy and well-served for an entire day. 

One of my very favorite ways to spend the weekend is to take my friends on a makeshift bar crawl in different parts of KC. Usually, I come up with a list of bars in roughly the same part of town and my friends and I just check them off of our mental list as we go. I wanted to do something similar with you all. If you are curious about exploring north of the river, follow along on this DIY bar crawl! There are six bars featured on here within walking distance - so plan on spending the next warm weather day in North KC. Tag me in your pictures; I can't wait to see your bar crawl!

Colorful Grid Process Flow Chart.png